Why Online Marketers Need to Target Brazilian Women More

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by Sheila Vicente@USMediaconsulting.Com on DECEMBER 12, 2012 inBRAZILINTERNETMARKETING

After reviewing a number of major studies, we found several compelling reasons why online marketers targeting Brazil should focus a lot more of their attention—and campaigns—on Brazilian women. The reasons for this include the following:

According to Data Popular, the income of Brazilian women in 2012 will be R$ 741 billion (US$356 billion). It’s grown by 62% over the past 10 years, while the income of Brazilian men has only grown by 39%.

Purchase Decisions
According to Data Popular, Brazilian women make 80-90% of the purchase decisions in the areas of beauty, food, home decoration and in child-rearing. In addition, 62% of Brazilian women make the purchase decision for the hygiene products that their men use: only 38% of Brazilian men report making the decision in this area.

What They Buy
First, let’s look at some key products with spectacular sales in Brazil. One is hygiene products, which Pyxis Consumo estimates will move R$ 12 billion (US$5.7 billion) in 2012, while toy sales will reach R$ 6 billion (US$2.8 billion) in Brazil in 2012. Beauty product sales, according to Pyxis, will reach R$ 36 billion (US$17.3 billion) in 2012. Given the data on purchase decisions, it’s probably safe to assume that women are helping drive the sales of these product segments.

Credit Cards
In addition, Brazilian women own 84.6 million of the credit cards in Brazil. That’s 12% of the total of 687 million. While not a huge percentage overall, it’s significant when you factor in that there are 100 million women in Brazil.
According to Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Cartões de Crédito e Serviços,70% of Brazilian women who use some form of electronic payment usually pay for food, products and services with a credit card, as opposed to 65% of Brazilian men. In addition, 31% of Brazilian women prefer to pay with a credit card, while only 22% of men prefer to do so.

The Internet’s Influence on Purchase Decisions
A study from Sophia Mind indicates that 67% of Brazilian women rely on the Internet for information about products, while 70% use Web sites to compare product prices. In addition, 60% of Brazilian women use social media to comment about their experiences with brands or products.

Brazilian Women Have Positive Attitudes towards Internet Ads
In the same Sophia Mind study, 97% of Brazilian women said they did not mind seeing banners or receiving e-mail marketing messages about products of interest to them, as well as general promotions or online coupons.

Buying Online
How many Brazilian women engage in e-commerce? Good question but it’s tricky to find an answer. One statistic found on a number of web sites is that 64% of Brazilian online shoppers are women, but this is wrong! The figure comes from a 2012 report from the Cámara Brasileira de Comércio Eletrônico in which it’s stated that women account for 64% of e-consumers in a section entitled Profile of Collective Purchasing Consumers, which is NOT the same as the overall group of online shoppers in Brazil but rather a segment of these. In other words, Brazilian women represent 64% of Brazilians who buy on collective purchasing sites, NOT 64% of ALL Brazilian online shoppers.
The problem, however, is that the report doesn’t offer the percentage of Brazilianonline shoppers who are women. However, the report does point out the top-selling e-commerce products in Brazil in 2011. Out of the top 5, #4 was health/beauty and medicine, while #5 was fashion and accessories. During the first half of 2012, the Câmara Brasileira de Comércio Eletrônico indicated that the health/beauty products were the #2 product in e-commerce sales in Brazil and clothes/accessories were #3.
While we can’t assume 100% that Brazilian women are driving these purchases, it does seem reasonable to conclude that they are playing a significant role, given that studies show that Brazilian women do buy a large amount of beauty products and that 55% of Brazilian women buy clothing monthly or bimonthly and 22% say they spend more than R$ 200 monthly on clothes.
When you put all of these facts and figures together, the image that emerges is that of a thriving customer segment with strong purchasing power that is receptive to online ads and seems to buy online in significant numbers—and has access to credit cards, which help facilitate buying online.

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