The Science Behind What’s Next

Nielsen Gives The Answer To ‘What’s Next?’

The most famous global information, data and measurement company, Nielsen launches its first paid media campaign at length.

Most people in the marketing industry are aware of what Nielsen does, but even still, it’s hard to explain it in a proper way sometimes. So the company wants to improve the image of its branding identity with a new ad campaign called “What’s Next”.

In the campaign, they want to imply the idea that scientific measurement to every data in the market will become much more valuable in the future because what’s next is the most important thing in today’s world. Even though, their job is to clarify how we know for certain, the market research giant says that, ‘The right data can mean the difference between guessing and knowing,‘. The statement means that predicating on true statistics always is a power to the hand and when a new thing is coming up, you’ll know. Means, in order to understand the real people, we need the data backed by real science. With that kind of data we do not only see what’s next, but also get there first.

The main purpose of launching this ad is to help align external perceptions of the company with the realities of the business and showcase all of their abilities and spread awareness of the company’s advancements in future technology. The vital part of the ad is probably the grandpa with the VR headset and his grandchild recording his moves with her smartphone.

Laura Nelson, Chief Communications Officer at Nielsen, said,

It became really clear to us that the external perception of the company didn’t match what we knew to be true. Often that perception was that ‘we were the TV ratings company,’ People’s perceptions of Nielsen were in some cases decades old.

It’s really about communicating the whole company. What can happen is when you get into a market that has issues around one thing or another, there’s no basis of understanding who we are, and you get caught up talking about some things that define the whole company, and that’s not proper and right.

This innovative ad might be a breaking point for the company to create a new and improved brand awareness and concept.


Fonte: Digital Agency Network

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