The Cultural Connection

How Identity Influences Hispanic Millennials

Univision Consumer Insights Research has been studying the nuances and influence of Hispanic culture on consumer behavior for many years, and has now determined a concrete way of measuring U.S. Hispanics’ cultural connections. Earlier this year, the team embarked on a study with research firm Burke to explore the cultural connections of Hispanic consumers. With this survey data, it has created the Cultural Connection Index, a quantitative metric that identifies the relative importance of cultural influence based on family, heritage and community.

The cultural connections of Hispanics influence their social interactions, attitudes, purchasing behaviors, technology usage and media consumption. Millennials who are more culturally connected have stronger social and family bonds that thread through all areas of their lives and play an important role in their attitudes and behaviors. In fact, the importance of cultural connections runs across all demographic groups of Hispanic Americans. This holds up unilaterally when it comes to gender, geography, income, education and, likely most relevant to marketers, the generational group Hispanics are in. About 63% of millennials ranked as high or medium in cultural connectedness, as did 89% of those 35-plus. Here are some highlights from the Ad Age Insights’ trend report, The Cultural Connection.


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