The AMA Gold Report: 2016 Top 50 Market Research Firms

The market research industry, as we have known it for decades, is disappearing. It is being absorbed into a rapidly transforming collection of market intelligence sub-disciplines.

For some of us, this phenomenon represents a threat: a question of whether the traditional insights role within our client organizations will remain; a question whether survey research will have a continued seat at the table; and a concern regarding the future valuation of our research company.

For others, this dynamic represents unprecedented opportunity: the opportunity to deliver a far more comprehensive voice of the market; the opportunity to transform our agency business model and substantially increase its valuation; and a stair-step increase in the decision-making impact of the insights we deliver.

Regardless of whether this point of view elicits a positive or negative sentiment, today’s conference agendas, industry journals, and merger and acquisition activity leave little doubt that a significant industry transformation is underway.

The AMA (formerly Honomichl) Top 50 Gold Report has long been the industry standard for annually documenting patterns in the global business of marketing research, and the major players driving its growth. This will continue. But just as the market is transforming, so too will this report. Yes, we will continue to track and publish annual changes in the traditional survey research market, but beginning this year we will also explore the evolving marketing intelligence space in which we reside, and the expanding field of players in the emerging sub segments defining this morphing space.

Relatively little data to project such movement exists today. So in coordination with CASRO and Michigan State University, AMA introduces a comprehensivelook at the evolution of this space within which we contribute and compete.


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