Seven Powerful Ways

(Even If You Only Write Twice A Week And Your Articles Are 500 Words Or Less!)

Have you ever wondered how you can actually make money from your article marketing research? Especially if you’re brand new, just starting out, have extremely limited financial resources and virtually no clout and or credibility within your industry.

If any of those concerns have recently crossed your mind, then cheer up, because this powerfully instructional article was written specifically for you.

Introducing Seven Extremely Powerful Ways Your Article Marketing Research Can And Will Make You Money!

First of all, suppose (strictly for illustration purposes only) you are a brand new CPA, with extremely limited cash resources.

Which means unlike your top five big buck major competitors, you cannot (currently) afford to simply write big checks in order to mass market your services all over the place.

Here’s an incredibly simple (yet) extremely effective way for you to get the ball rolling, and out promote your major big buck competition.

Start checking (both) your and their “FAQ” (Frequently asked questions) pages. And once you discover three to five recurring themes (questions) that you can adequately address.

Create a series of highly informative “How to” type articles that demonstrate your expertise.

For ex: you might create one article that addresses “How To” Legally Stop IRS Dead In Their Tracks! (Even After You’ve Officially Been Audited!)
Next, you’ll create another article (single or multi part series) that addresses; X number of ways to do something.

For ex: Seven Proven Ways To Make Your Business Lawsuit Proof!” Your potential prospects love to discover specific details that benefit them.

And finally, you’ll write an article (or series of articles) that addresses the all-important “why factor.”

For ex: “Why You Should Never Agree To A Joint Tenancy With Right Of Survivorship Arrangement!” (Unless It Has These Three Major Provisions In Them!)

That title for an article in a business related publication targeting “S” corporation owners, should certainly grab and hold their attention.
Don’t you agree?

After you create these articles, here are seven powerful ways to benefit from them.

1.) After you inexpensively test them, and you discover which article title appeals to your target market most.

Immediately turn it into a powerful free lead generating report (and give it) some sort of perceived value and give it away free to your online visitors as way to build your all-important follow up list.

2.) take the top ten most asked questions that you receive from all of your articles and create an inexpensive companion 30-90 minute audio CD that addresses those issues and offer it (along) with your free report as powerful free bonus for any and customer testimonials.

3.) Create a free drawing (once a month) where you select one new business, and offer them your best services free (on a trial basis) for the next 30-60 days.

And give all the runner-ups, your new free report and CD (valued at X) amount of dollars a valuable free second prize.

Once You Create Your “How To” Articles You Can Get tons Of Free Viral Marketing Leverage Out Of Them!

4.) Start by joint venturing (networking) with some other offline local small business owner that you already have a current working business relationship with.

Whose business complements, but doesn’t compete with yours and allow them to offer your CD and free report to their best customers in exchange for their power testimonials.

5.) Also let other offline local companies, like perhaps your local printer, offer your product as free secondary prize for entering the local printers once a month free drawing.

6.) Find a local offline Investment club and or Real Estate Investment group that meets once per month and let them sell your special report and CD and keep 100 percent of the front end profits, and you net 100 percent of the long term back profits.

Which includes all their future referrals and bank account filling testimonials etc.

7.) Find some offline local companies that regularly use telemarketers (or outside sales reps) to solicit local businesses.

Let the sales reps offer your special report and CD as a free gift valued at X, simply for setting an appointment, whether they decide to do business or not!

They’ll still be X amount of dollars in perceived ahead.

There you have it, seven extremely powerful ways for a new un established service provider (such as) a CPA to make a big splash and out promote their big buck major competitors!

Mark Newsome (a.k.a.) Mr. Marketing is a small business instant positive cash flow generating consultant specialist!

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