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This month we wanted to share current data collected by our “sister” company, DigiCareers. You will hopefully find this information interesting as the Market Research world continues to transform and require digital and data-related skillsets.

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Facebook Survey Results
With the recent attention by the media and Industry participants on Facebook, DigiCareers wanted to understand the behaviors, attitudes, and opinions regarding this popular website and business. Below is a summary based upon the opinions of more than 300 of your New Media colleagues.

The survey was conducted between May 17 and 21, 2012. The collected data possess an aggregate data tolerance of +/- 5.6%.

More than 92% of all New Media Professionals currently use Facebook. Among users, more than one-half (58%) access Facebook multiple times per day with nearly three-quarters (71%) accessing Facebook daily and 95% accessing it at least weekly.


Facebook Usage 

Attitudes Toward Facebook
More than three-quarters (77%) of participants believe Facebook meets a consumer or fundamental human need — ability for individuals to communicate with each other. Nearly a similar percentage of New Media Professionals believe Facebook’s advertising is targeted (71%), and the company provides innovative services (70%).

However, the effectiveness of advertising on Facebook remains a major question in the minds of New Media Professionals. Less than one-half (49%) believe Facebook will be a major force in online advertising and less than one-quarter (23%) believe advertising on Facebook is currently effective. Conversely, however, only one in four (25%) New Media Professionals believe Facebook is a fad.


Facebook Attitudes 

Advertising on Facebook
Currently, 38% of New Media Professionals have or are currently conducting an advertising campaign on Facebook for their business or their customers’ business. Of those, 90% of the campaigns are consumer oriented (B2C), with the balance focusing upon business-to-business (B2B) activity.

Surprisingly, one-half (50%) of all advertisers stated they either concluded a campaign or decided not to advertise on Facebook based upon the results of a prior campaign on Facebook. This raises some issues for Facebook’s future economic success.


Facebook Advertising Usage 

Among those advertising on Facebook, nearly one-half (47%) stated they are likely to recommend advertising on Facebook to a business or colleague.


Facebook Referral Intent 

Barriers to Advertising on Facebook
Among the 62% of New Media Professionals who have never conducted a campaign on Facebook, the perception regarding the limited efficacy is the largest barrier (20%). Surprisingly despite Facebook’s self-service offerings, 17% stated they have not yet had the opportunity to initiate a campaign.


Facebook Advertising Barriers 

Key Differentiators
Among all survey participants, the sheer size of Facebook’s audience is identified as a key differentiator from other online advertising venues (55%) followed by the ability to target specific audiences (51%).

While audience engagement levels were cited by more than one-third (34%) of all New Media Professionals, it is likely this engagement level is oriented toward friends, family, and colleagues rather than advertisers.


Facebook Differentiators 

Based upon advertising performance (or the perception thereof), Facebook clearly has a challenge and corresponding opportunity.

Initial Public Offering
Nearly an equal number of New Media Professionals stated they would purchase shares in Facebook’s Initial Public Offering if they were presented the opportunity. More importantly, an equal number believe Facebook’s stock price will increase (38%) or decrease (37%) from the IPO price within six months.


Facebook IPO 

Participant Demographics
As New Media Professionals have a unique perspective regarding Facebook, below are characteristics of those who participated in the survey.

Facebook Survey Demographics 

Facebook Survey Participant Industry 

Additional Survey Results
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