How can I influence shopping decisions along the ‘path to purchase?’


Our Solution

Manufacturers and retailers ultimately have the same goals – how can I move product off the shelf and capture a shoppers’ attention? When the focus is on the shopper, not the product, we all start from the same vantage point. Media fragmentation, store proliferation and digital influencers make it more imperative to capture shoppers before they enter the store and truly understand the drivers along the path to purchase for greater impact on their trips, choices and ultimately purchases. Nielsen’s shopper insights are developed from our unique relationship with both retailers and manufacturers.

We understand and can help you influence purchase decisions that shoppers make and deliver improved performance for stores, categories and brands. We evaluate attitudes, motivations and behaviors to provide insights on how to market effectively along a shopper’s path to purchase.














Driven by comprehensive data, our solutions help:

  • Analyze consumer demand by category, products, shopper segments and markets to direct growth strategies and resources more efficiently
  • Identify the most valuable shopper segments to understand and influence their purchase intent and shopping objectives
  • Assess shoppers’ trips and missions to reach the right consumer and improve shopper engagement
  • Evaluate store choice drivers to optimize retail channels, prioritize markets and offer a compelling shopping experience
  • Manage products and placement to attract and convert the right shoppers, for the right trips, maximizing the size of their basket
  • Develop price and promotion strategies to manage brand value perception and convert more shoppers while maximizing sales margin

Build shopper loyalty and retention programs by monitoring and managing shopper habits, satisfaction and brand image.

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