Generation Z: Building a Better Normal

Wunderman Thompson Intelligence is proud to present “Generation Z: Building a Better Normal,” a new report exploring how the pandemic is impacting generation Z’s aspirations, expectations and mindsets.  

Changemakers, activists, leaders of tomorrow – call them what you want, generation Z are poised to do great things. In fact, they’re already leading the charge with battling climate change and challenging brands’ roles. Generation Z are rewriting traditional identity narratives, molding new metrics for success, and reshaping the boundaries of consumption – all in the pursuit of a better world.

Generation Z: Building a Better Normal” unpacks who this generation are, what they stand for, and their relationship with brands. The report includes 13 exclusive interviews with gen Zers around the world and original consumer data by Wunderman Thompson Data from 1,000 16-24-year-olds across the United States.  

Highlights include:
Gen Z + Brands

  • 85% believe brands should be about something more than profit
  • 80% believe brands should help make people’s lives better

Gen Z + Community

  • 83% have a newfound appreciation for in-person interactions

Gen Z + Careers

  • 70% would rather do something meaningful than make a lot of money
  • 65% consider themselves to be savers rather than spenders

Gen Z + Identity

  • 75% believe that their generation will change the world

And more. Plus in-depth analysis of 5 lifestyle pillars, expert interviews, and key learnings for brands.

Generation Z are already building a better normal – are you?

Download your copy of the report today.

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