Digital Lives of America’s Black Consumers

May 18, 2012

In the U.S., black consumers may watch more traditional TV than any other race/ethnic group according toNielsen’s latest Cross-Platform Report, but they’re also highly active online and on their mobile devices, watching video, networking with their social connections, and making purchases.  Nielsen examined the media habits of the digital black consumer in the U.S., a segment with significant buying power which presents key opportunities for marketers—and illustrated their activities across online, mobile, social and TV.

Key findings on black consumers’ online activities include:

  • During the fourth quarter of 2012, 63 percent of black adults made a purchase online.
  • Black Internet users spent 22 percent of their time online visiting Social Networks/Blogs in December 2011.
  • YouTube accounted for 48 percent of black viewers’ online video time during December 2011, and 31 percent of black adults online watched consumer-generated video across the Web.

Digital Black Consumer_Online V2

For more info and insights, download the complete series of Digital Black Consumer infographics.

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