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Digital Life

Entendendo as oportunidades para crescer

Digital Life
Understanding the opportunity for growth onlineTNS, November 2011

The Internet has made our world and the way we build businesses more dynamic and complex than ever. Opportunities and threats exist on a global basis that were unprecedented just a decade ago. The Internet now impacts all elements of a business’ growth plans. In order to succeed, brands need to embed digital into their marketing strategies.

Engaging with customers online requires a deep understanding of their motivations, opinions and attitudes – and their resulting actions and behaviour.

Digital Life makes our complex environment simpler to navigate, cutting through the clutter to identify the precise strategies, channels and content that make digital a key driver in achieving growth.

What is Digital Life?
Digital Life provides recommendations on how to use digital channels to grow your business through a precise understanding of human behaviours and attitudes online.

Based on conversations with over 72,000 people in 60 countries, Digital Life’s size, scale and detail make it the most comprehensive view of consumer attitudes and behaviour online, on a global and local level.

Across countries and product categories, Digital Life pinpoints the range of growth opportunities available to brands in the online world.

Digital Life applies TNS’s long-established expertise and deep consumer understanding to develop insights and address the key questions that inform marketing investment:

  • How can I use digital channels to help grow my business?
  • Who can I reach through digital platforms?
  • How do I build my brand through engagement with new and existing consumers online?
  • How do I identify and cultivate brand advocates online?
  • How do I target potential customers online?

Digital Life also introduces the Digital Growth Index, a single number score defining the opportunity across product categories and countries for growth through digital channels, and showing the diversity of opportunities available in the online world.

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