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As a young PR at design agency Coley Porter Bell in the 1990s I saw my first research presentation. Although nearly 20 years ago, the memory is very clear in my mind. It was delivered by a very nice woman from a leading, global research agency. The data was interesting, and there was lots of it. But the content was muddled. It went on for a very long time. There was no story, no conclusion and no recommendations. The audience was bored, frustrated and confused.

Once the presentation was over and the nice lady had left, we were quite angry. There was no way we could use the information we had been given. So, it fell to me to take the data and turn it into something we could actually use. I used my experience in journalism and worked hard over many hours to review all the data, find a clear story, and to create a compelling presentation. We then used that presentation in many different ways over the coming months – for conference presentations, media stories and to add value to our clients. It worked very well.




Lucy Davison is Managing Director at Keen as Mustard Marketing

As a communications expert, Lucy has developed a one-day workshop for ESOMAR’s Congress 2012 in Atlanta. This is built around several interactive exercises, designed to help researchers focus on how to turn their communications from dull to dynamic. Starting with the core principles of good communication, the exercises will help researchers learn how to capture insight and turn it into a compelling message in true ‘Mad Men’ style. We look at what techniques journalists use to communicate stories in a really compelling way, how to approach stories visually rather than using words or numbers and how to focus on appropriate and relevant communications for different audiences. More information on the workshop can be found on the ESOMAR event pages.

(1) Heffernan, Margaret ‘Wilful Blindness, Why We Ignore the Obvious at Our Peril’ Simon & Schuster Ltd, Published: 3 Feb 2011

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