Coffee Culture in Latin America

While much of the world’s Arabica coffee beans (used for fresh brewed coffee as opposed to the Robusta beans used for instant) are produced in Latin America, many nations differ in at home consumption. Brazilians and Venezuelans prefer fresh brewed coffee, while Chile and Mexico are predominantly instant coffee drinkers. However, there has been an influx of specialist coffee shops across the region, most notably in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. These coffee shops are popular as a “third place” for consumers to socialize while drinking coffee based beverages. This rise of café would lead one to assume that consumers are growing an appreciation for higher quality coffee, often more associated with the Arabica or “fresh brewed” variety compared to instant. However, as the datagraphic above demonstrates, such is not the case. While Brazil is still a dominant fresh brewed coffee nation, Colombians have begun to consume more instant coffee in relation to fresh, despite having strong coffee shop growth. Fresh brewed coffee consumption in Mexico is up, but by only a very slight margin. The growing café culture seems to have little to no affect on instant v. fresh preferences, as preparation of coffee at home is often rooted in affordability, convenience, and tradition.



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