Best Practices in Shopper Marketing Measurement



New technologies – especially mobile ones – are changing the path to purchase.  Shopper marketing is focusing brand owners’ minds on identifying those moments (on and offline) when interest in a brand can be transformed into sustainable sales uplifts; uplifts that shift product, build brand values and that meet the needs of the brand’s retailer partners.

But there’s an ROI issue.

The tools we have for evaluating the effectiveness of shopper strategies haven’t evolved at the same pace as the strategies themselves.

There is a lot of focus on sales uplifts but not enough on measuring how shopper initiatives have changed behaviour and attitudes long-term, outside of the campaign period.

Data on changes in behaviour or attitude driven by shopper campaigns are hard to find.  Retailers often have behavioural data from store cards and brands often have attitudinal data from tracking studies but even if you can get access to them the two sets don’t match up.

Shopper marketing typically produces short term, retailer specific, often low-cost initiatives but brand tracking studies are longitudinal, broad and expensive.  They measure different things.

Now these papers, underwritten by OgilvyAction and JWT Action point to a more measurable future.

The emerging idea of big data may soon make it easier to demonstrate the real ROI of shopper campaigns.

Every time we engage with online media, shop online or use a loyalty card we leave a data trail behind us.  Taken on an individual level this ‘single source’ data could provide the first 360-degree picture of an individual shopper’s day including media-exposure and purchase behaviour.

So far, the best models track exposure from just three channels: online, television and in-store; data streams from mobile devices may be added in the foreseeable future.

Together with our clients, OgilvyAction is committed to being at the forefront of these new metrics.

Only when we work together, setting meaningful measurement goals for brands and retail partners and sharing data will we stop focusing just on short term uplifts and start to see shopper marketing as a truly strategic part of the marketing mix.

The articles are available to view on our SlideShare page which you can access here:

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