Shopper Insights: Do You Know Your User Demographics for Social Networks?








How well do you know your shoppers on social media? When it comes to marketing, whether it be in-store or online, it’s undeniably important to know and understand your shoppers. For brands and retailers looking to expand into the social space, or who already are, that fact is even more true, because unlike in-store, your shoppers are situated behind a computer screen, tablet or smartphone, meaning they can be even harder to reach on a personal level.

Fear not, shopper marketers! Thanks to Pew Research Center and the following infographic put together by Adweek using Pew’s data, we’ve got an updated look at just who is using social media these days (everybody, right?), how much, when, why, etc. It’s an insight into your shoppers that, if used effectively, can help make it easier to appeal to them via social channels online. View theinfographic, below.




Fonte: POPAI


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